The Center for surrogacy was established in 1996 run by Mina Yulzary and Ada Attias both are social workers certified family therapists holding Master's degree The center employs various professionals lawyer specializing in the field of surrogacy he is responsible for the legal aspects of the process as well as managing the financial sides Expert gynecologists that work in American Georgian clinic and specializing in The field of IVF and fetal development. they will be responsible for the entire medical process that done by American standards And modern equipment The center's manageress will sign on the agreement with the surrogate mother on your behalf, it will save you the coasts of fly tickets and hotel. Representative of the center will be with you in Georgia and will manage the whole process until your have new born child and birth certificate .The Surrogacy in Georgia plan includes all the medical, legal and psychology services it is low cost plan and you can start it immediately


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Our intended surrogates are very young, having good health records and orderly and easy pregnancy history. The surrogates undergo thorough medical examinations and psycho-social diagnosis. Our services include comprehensive prenatal and includes all the conventional tests (nuchal translucency, mid-range ultrasound, amniotic fluid). during treatment and pregnancy surrogates live in Tbilisi near the clinic. In Georgia during treatment and pregnancy surrogates accompanied by representative of the center she visit them at home and take them to the clinic. Our success rate is very high; in the event that pregnancy is not achieved we will replace in your surrogate after 3 unsuccessful embryo transfer Over the years we have helped many couples to fulfill their dream as well and become parents and we will be happy to help you too.

Fair Prices with Convenient Payment Terms

We consider our services primarily as a sacred mission, and therefore you will find that the Surrogacy Parenting Center's pricelist is extremely attractive.

We are firm believers in equal opportunities, and that everyone should be permitted to become a parent.

We will take all necessary steps in order to ensure that the costs that are associated with the surrogacy process will not constitute an obstacle in the path of fulfilling the dream of parenthood.

In both tracts - Israel and Georgia, we will ensure that you will only pay for provided services.

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Making up the Difference

A Personal Accompaniment Package by a Team of Professionals

Personal and Emotional Assistance and Accompaniment

Thousands of couples are now en-route to becoming happy parents. Over the past twenty-two years the Surrogacy Parenting Center has been accompanying this process from the stage of a dream and until its' fulfilment by delivering to these couples their own healthy child.

As certified family caregivers possessing graduate degrees in social work, Ada Atias and Mina Yulazri – manage and administer the Center, and provide for it an added and meaningful service: They help the couples successfully traverse the emotional process and arrive better prepared to assume their roles as parents.

All of our services are provided in a professional and highly skilled package, which accompanies, instructs, and directs all of the necessary medical, legal, and administrative treatment that is required throughout the process.

Alongside the enormous excitement, natural concerns, and substantial emotional aspects involved in the surrogacy process, this process also involves additional medical, religious, and legal aspects. We have collected the salient points and actions that should be known by you, and that you will be required to perform as part of this process.

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Information for Intended Parents

Medical, religious, and legal aspects. We have collected the salient points and actions that should be known by you, and that you will be required to perform as part of this process.

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We have already Provided More than 1,200 Healthy Children to their Overjoyed Parents

Ada Atias: 052-2907889 | Mina Ulzary: 052-2907322
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