The Parenthood Center work with quality egg donors European-looking
Our egg donors are young women between
the ages of 20 s and 26 s.
mothers of at least one child( Oocytes which pregnancy was obtained)
The egg donors undergo comprehensive medical examinations including Genetics tests
(done by American laboratory), Infectious Diseases and Hormonal tests
As well as general health examinations.
Candidates are selecting the egg donor based on photograph and general
information such as family status, education and occupation.
We are committed to supply minimum of 8-10 eggs.
The first round will always be fresh; the rest of the embryos
will be frozen and be used if necessary.
The price of egg donation includes the following: donor selection
donor medical examinations, donor hormonal preparation,
egg suction and fertilization (husband sperm).
We are committed to the highest medical standards and premium donors.

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