Cost of surrogacy in Georgia

The purpose of this document is to provide a summary of the services

You will receive from the Center for Surrogacy and the cost for these services

The Quote included in this document covers all the services we will provide

To you including all services for medical, legal and psychological assistance provided by

The specialist service providers we engage in the country of surrogacy

Who escort you through the process until you get for your child birth certificate

(Surrogacy in Georgia (all prices are quoted in US dollars

The cost of the program in Georgia  33000$ 

The program includes: 

Finding a suitable surrogate who passed the medical and psychological test            

Legal Advice provided by a local expert in surrogacy laws in the country

Where the surrogacy takes place

Legal contract between the intended parents and the surrogate

(Contract with the surrogate includes 3 attempts)

The Director of the Center will sign the agreement with the surrogate

in the name of parents and can meet with the intended parents if necessary or requested

Hormonal preparation for the surrogate mother and embryo transfer

(One attempt) using a specialist USA clinic in Georgia

Pregnancy surveillance by the American Clinic in Georgia which

Specialists in fetal development

Accompanying the intended parents by the Center managers t

Throughout the process until birth

Ensuring that the birth in conducted in a private hospital

Ensuing that a birth certificate is issued to the babe

Trust funds management mange by a lawyer

The program is priced based on a single return of embryos 

Pricing does not include

Travel costs of the intended parents and the accommodation costs

In the relevant surrogacy country

Additional charges if relevant and when utilized

$2500 Frozen embryo transfer in specialized nitrogen containers

(Relevant for couples who prepared embryos in the country)

$2400 for each additional attempt of frozen embryos if the pregnancy results are negative

$1000 Additional costs in the event of twins as compensation for the surrogate

For twins pregnancy

$700 Caesarean section if required

$620 freezing embryos (relevant for couples who received donor eggs or women

Undergoing egg retrieval in the clinic in Georgia - freeze the embryos that remained

After successful pregnancy

$2900 Egg retrieval from the intended mother in Georgia and sperm fertilization

Using the husband's sperm

6500$ Egg donation Georgian and presentation of possible suitors for the selection

By the intended parents

$700 Amniocentesis if required or requested by the intended parents

$800 Replace the surrogate mother after 3 attempts

$150 Storage of frozen embryos remaining for a year


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