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We are established the Center for Surrogacy in 1996, since then

We had accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in the field of surrogacy

And its emotional, legal and medical aspects

Georgia surrogacy programs we offer is based on this experience

It allow you to go through fast, safe and with high chances of success process

The center employs leading team of professionals in the field of surrogacy

We will accompany you throughout the process until your new chiled will born

We promise you speedy process at low cost and without bureaucracy

Program Stages

The program includes the following nine stages  

  1. Stage 1: Consultation Meeting

    this session the applicant will receive broad and comprehensive information on the stages of the program

  2. Stage 2: Signing Contract with the Centre

    this session the applicant will sign the agreement with the centre and deposit the money in a trust account on the applicant's name that will be managed by the lawyer

  3. Stage 3: signatuer in georgia by the centre

    the manger of the center will sign in the name of the couple on the contact with the surrogate mother.

  4. Stage 4: Receiving Surrogates Files

    Each surrogate file includes general examination as well as thorough medical tests, gynecological and obstetric history, and personal and family history.

  5. Stage 5: Selecting the Surrogate

    Based on the center's experience and knowledge, the center will assist you to select the most appropriate surrogate for you.

  6. Stage 6: Embryo Preparation and Transfer

    After signing up the agreements the clinical stage is starting, embryo preparation may be done in your country. Client can select the physician who will be responsible for the embryo preparation. The applicant may have oocyte retrieval in Georgia (in the clinic) if she wishes so or at home .Should egg donation be required, the center will be able to assist the applicant in selecting from Georgian donord(fair complexion) . The couple's embryos will be shipped by the center to the clinic in Georgia for the transfer to the surrogate womb.
    In the event that pregnancy is not achieved after 3 attempts the surrogate mother will be replaced in order to increase the success rate and assure pregnancy.

  7. Stage 7: Pregnancy and Birth

    During pregnancy the surrogate will undergo wide range of checkups, nuchal translucency, mid-range ultrasound, amniotic fluid all in accordance with the couple requests.
    During the pregnancy period the surrogate will be accompanied by a representative of the center that will visit her at home and go with her to the medical treatment. The birth will be in a private hospital, the applicant will reside with the new born in fully equipped apartment .

  8. Stage 8: Legal Status of the Child

    The center will take care of the legal procedures involved in completing and issuing the birth certificate of the new born chiled

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